Open Heart Surgery – Tips & Tricks from a Pro

Hi,  My name is Elle; I was born in 1983 and have had 5 open-heart surgeries. 

I’m sure that got your attention! – It usually works a treat at parties. It’s also a big crowd pleaser at the local country pub where I’ve been a proud member of the ‘zipper club’ since I was 3 days old. 

While I like to think I take hard knocks in my stride, I will admit that my resilience was well and truly tested when I found out I needed a 5th surgery. 

A few days later I did what most people do … I googled it. I struggled to find first person accounts of how to prepare for the surgery, what to expect during it, and the best ways to recover. 

I thought I’d put my decades of experience to good use and share some tips. I hope you find them useful. 



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